ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Dishwashers must meet more stringent criteria for annual energy usage and water usage than the US Department of Energy Standard or ENERGY STAR criteria. In addition, the dishwashers must undergo a Cleanability Test and have a score of 70 or higher.

DEPARTMENT of Energy Standard Energy Star certified Energy Star most efficient
Annual Energy Usage 307 kWh/year 270 kWh/year ≤240 kWh/year
Water Usage 5 gallons/cycle ≤3.5 gallons/cycle ≤3.2 gallons/cycle
Cleanability Index N/A N/A 70 or higher

Cleanability Testing

Soil-sensing dishwashers undergo three tests with heavily soiled, medium soiled, and lightly soiled loads of dishes (plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils). The dishes are placed in the dishwasher for the test load alternating between clean and soiled dishes. Every particle left on any dish after the completed cycle is measured and counted. The size and number of particles are put into a Cleaning Index formula. The Cleanability Index must be 70 or higher to be declared Most Efficient.


Handwashing your dishes costs about $1,300 more in energy and water expenses than using an ENERGY STAR-certified dishwasher.

Blomberg Dishwashers

All Blomberg dishwashers meet and exceed the Most Efficient criteria.
  • Annual energy usage is at least 24% better than the Dept. of Energy standard which is shown on the Energy Label.
  • Water usage is 47% better than Dept. of Energy standard.
  • Cleanability Index of 70 and above.
*NOTE: Blomberg Water Softener Dishwashers are not ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.

Blomberg is committed to sustainability. Our dishwashers are not only energy and water usage efficient, but they also exceed the Cleanability Index.


  1. Scrape, don’t rinse
    Rinsing dishes before loading them in the dishwasher increases the total water and energy used.

  2. Load it up
    Dishwashers use about the same amount of energy and water regardless of the number of dishes inside, so run full loads whenever possible. If you have more than six (6) dishes to wash, it is more energy efficient to place them in the dishwasher than to handwash.

  3. Skip the heat
    Use a rinse agent and select the no-heat drying option. It gives great results with less energy.

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