Inspired Harmony
IN HARMONY WITH NATURE, your life, and you.
6/8/2018 3:38 PM By Blomberg

We’re often asked, “What makes Blomberg different from other high-quality, European-style appliances?” The short answer is simply offering more for your money. But that does not begin to do justice or service to what truly sets us apart.

Blomberg’s ability to develop high-level engineering innovations and directly connect them to real-world benefits is the epitome of creative problem solving. But then we take it a step further, blending this inspired combination of precision and imagination with refined design tailored to today’s more sustainable and efficient living spaces, all at a reachable price level.

This synergy between science, scale, sophistication, and savings has been a key distinction for North American designers, architects, builders, and consumers in differentiating our products from luxury European brands—the ones that command more hard-earned money without delivering a more elevated, elegant, or efficient experience.

But the Blomberg difference doesn’t stop there. We also strive to use our creative problem solving to affect social change. It’s a distinction totally in line with winning a 2016 iF DESIGN AWARD for the thoughtfulness and harmony of our cutting-edge kitchen technology.

Each year since 1953, iF International Forum Design GmbH has conferred these coveted awards, recognized internationally as a symbol of design excellence. Their aim is to “draw attention to particularly well-designed industrial products and communicate the importance of all that design can achieve: for users, brands, and societies.” Today, a key iF focus is on how the future of design and the future of the planet are intertwined, encouraging companies like Blomberg to address issues such as overcrowding, affordable housing, overconsumption, climate change, and conservation of natural resources.

It’s a challenge we take very seriously, from our unwavering commitment to energy efficiency, to our sponsorship of the Solar Decathlon, to our compact yet high-performance product offerings. And we promise to continue being different by doing design that does good.

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