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7/24/2018 3:38 PM By Blomberg

Almost anyone can cobble together a casual backyard barbeque or whip up a simple patio party. But it takes a savvy host to elevate summer entertaining to something elegant…and still keep it stress- and fuss-free.

Beyond the basics—making sure everyone is comfortable and well fed, with room to mingle and opportunities for interesting conversation—creating a fabulous affair to remember is all in the details.

Design thoughtfully
A spectacular party does not happen by chance. Plan everything carefully well in advance so you can relax and participate in your own soiree. Design your menu, for example, so that at least 75 percent of the dishes can be prepared beforehand and served cold or at room temperature. And keep it simple. Focus on fresh ingredients that are locally grown and in season––they taste better and add beautiful color that doubles as decor. For dessert, serve gorgeous summer fruit.

Add touches of luxury
The secret to a great alfresco dinner is to ensure your guests feel special. Forego the paper plates and plastic forks. Put out crisply pressed cloth napkins, some lovely china, and real flatware. Serve beverages in sparkling wine glasses. Illuminate your outdoor space with a scattering of candles in clear glass or crystal containers and bring out your best candlesticks for the center of the table. That way the elegance continues into the night.

Evolve with the event
As the party progresses, there may be a need to change things or get creative. Hosting a truly elegant event means knowing when it's the right time to bring out the food or how to inject some excitement when the energy starts to wane, as well as always being attentive to what guests need.

Make it your own
The best parties have some dash and originality. Be sure to impart your own signature style and impeccable taste to make the occasion truly memorable.

Let Blomberg help
Attention to detail is something we understand well at Blomberg. Our engineers have put a great deal of thought into designing beautifully functional home appliances that add both elegance and ease to life and entertaining. Our luxurious features exude sophistication while our cutting-edge technology continues to evolve with the times. Most of all, we always make sure the Blomberg imprint is ever present—unwavering emphasis on quality and a level of ease and execution that reflects what really matters to you.

So, entertain with élan this summer and let Blomberg appliances assist.

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