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8/10/2017 9:44 AM By Blomberg

Today, more people are shunning the concept of “bigger is better” for a “less is more” philosophy. They’ve realized they no longer require a home full of rooms that are unused or amenities that consume more energy than necessary. They just want what they need to live a life of quality—a life that is curated to be simple and harmonious, yet still offer incredible comfort, innovative functionality, and impeccable style.

Designers and architects are responding to these new values by showing us that high-end luxury, energy-efficiency, and style can be created in even the coziest of spaces. To accomplish this, many are incorporating Blomberg appliances into their designs.

To find out why, we spoke with Jon Lannan AIA, CSI, LEED AP BD+C, a Boston-based architect affiliated with Stantec, a leading international design and consulting firm. Lannan, whose main emphasis is on creating multi-family urban residences, prefers the term “right sizing” to describe the trend toward living large in smaller spaces.

“Real estate is finite and at a premium,” said Lannan. “With limited square footage available, multi-family residences—especially in urban areas—are of necessity moving upward and inward. It’s the architect’s role to come up with solutions that not only control costs and deal with the logistics of building these dwellings but also make them efficient and beautiful. To successfully achieve this kind of right sizing, their designs must incorporate appliances that do the same.”

Lannan has specified Blomberg’s right-sized appliances for 800 units in three separate projects. The choice, he said, was easy.

“For years, the compact appliance category has been dominated by brands in Europe, where many of the smaller sizes are standard,” Lannan explained. “But Blomberg has been one of the first to really take the concept and put it all together for the American market. In addition to being well-made, with great functionality and good looking, Blomberg has growing market recognition and an efficient distribution network here. Plus, they are the only brand offering a comprehensive product line. Being able to bundle or package quality kitchen and laundry appliances from a single brand is critical for controlling costs. Consumers prefer it, too. They don’t want a mish-mash. They want continuity, seamless style, and one company to deal with.”

Clearly, Lannan understands both the architect’s and the resident’s perspective on how to still have it all, just in a smaller footprint. He’s a Blomberg appliance owner himself.

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